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Today the telecommunication services market is the most dynamically developing in the world.

Taking into account the current trends in the formation of the information space, today it is more customary to talk about the field of information communications, including, in addition to telecom operators, also media business enterprises. Information technology includes the provision of services, software development, manufacturing and sales of IT equipment.
The telecommunications industry of Tajikistan is developing dynamically and in recent years the modernization process has affected all levels and components of the national telecommunications network. Working with the largest telecommunications companies, leading mobile operators, leading satellite broadcasting, TV broadcasting and radio broadcasting companies are a guarantee of a high level of specialists who have many years of experience in providing audit and consulting services, help clients to effectively assess the ongoing changes and adapt to new market conditions.

Our specialists, who have been working effectively with industry companies for a long time, are ready to provide professional support in the following key areas:
• Consulting on the specifics of the activities of telecommunications companies
• Assessment of the market and fair value of companies, networks, etc.
• Regulatory reporting in the field of communications
• Taxation of telecommunications companies
• Comprehensive support for accounting and tax accounting of telecommunications companies
• Audit of companies, audit of consolidated statements

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