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Cyber and information security services

In today’s data and technology-driven business environment, organisations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Data has become more valuable than oil and cybercrime has been on a steady rise in recent years. In order to protect customers, employees and the business in general, organisations must take serious cyber and information security measures – or risk severe consequences. HLB’s Cyber and Information Security Services team helps organisations prepare for and protect against cyber threats, to minimise risk. In case of an attack, our team is ready to respond and support you with a quick recovery to minimise the damage to your business.
Defending your organisation from cyber-attacks
The reality of cyber security is that successful cyber-attacks increase every year. Are you prepared? HLB can help you protect your organisation.
We help you identify what assets such as data and information needs protections. We detect areas of vulnerability and determine the organisations current state of readiness in case of an attack.
We help protect your data and information by developing a list of compliance policies and procedures, train employees and evaluate your cyber insurance coverage for gaps.
In the case of a cyber-attack, we help you respond effectively to contain the attack and minimise its impact. A team of digital forensic specialists determines the entry point, what was taken and if there is any other suspicious malware still hiding.
For a quick recovery after an attack with a recovery plan to restore capability and reputational losses.


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