Business valuation

Business valuation

This is an in-depth analysis of the complex of objects used for commercial activities, including: companies and their structural subdivisions.

    • Such subdivisions can be independent objects or registered as independent economic entities. The company as a property complex includes all types of property used in its activities:
  • Land plots;
  • Buildings and structures;
  • Machinery and equipment;
  • Raw materials and products;
  • Intangible assets;
  • Estate liabilities.

Any types of businesses or companies have all signs of goods and can be the subject of sale. However, they are a special kind of goods. They have special features which determine principles, models, approaches and methods of evaluation. Evaluation of business is the most complicated process. Its complicatedness is predetermined by the fact that such evaluation requires qualified evaluation of absolutely all factors influencing the organization’s activity.
Determination of your business value shall be the final result. This direction requires high skills and experience of the appraiser. In each case, we work with clients individually, knowing that business valuation cannot be conducted in compliance with the general standard procedures.
We take a responsible approach to the work of any complexity and execute it efficiently and strictly within the terms agreed.


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